"All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself" 
- Bill McCartney
University of Miami, 1998
18th Commonwealth Games, 2006
University of Texas El Paso, 2014
Will You Help Me Write My First Book?

I have been involved in track & field in one way or another for 25+ years. To prove it, my 20-year-old Jamaican National Junior record in the 400m was just broken this year

I feel it's time to write a book, but I need your help. 

What topics do you want me to cover? 

What questions about track & field or life in general do you want me to answer?

  • Transitioning from being a student athlete to a pro?
  • How do you stay healthy during a long season?
  • What are the secrets to having a long career?
  • And so on... 
Enter Your Questions or Topic Below:

1. Enter your question or topic in the Facebook Comment box below. I will review all submissions. 

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Coaching Experience
  • UTEP Assistant Coach - Hurdles, Sprints and Relays (Current)
  • UNC-Chapel Hill Assistant Coach (2010-2012)
  • Jamaican World Indoor Team Head Coach (2010)
  • Auburn University Assistant Coach (2006)
  • 3-time Olympian
  • 2-time World Champion
  • 6-time NCAA All-American
  • 2-time NCAA Champion
University of Miami - Hall of Fame Video

Read more about Davian's Induction into the University of Miami Hall of Fame here.

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